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Illustrations by Stella Starr . Site designed by Stella & Aegir Hallmundur -

Vavavavoom! TM was an international Burlesque Cabaret company based in Brighton UK. Set up in 1997 by impresario, director and performer Stella Starr, Vavavavoom! was the UK's first Burlesque Troupe and cabaret show/club night where the audience were as much Stars as the performers themselves. We were pioneers of the Neo Burlesque movement in the UK, playing to international acclaim till our last show in 2012.

Our work was at the forefront of the 'audience participatory' trend of 'theatre in unexpected settings' that inspired other companies. Vavavavoom! also covered a broad spectrum that included Festival and Street Theatre, events management and teaching workshops in the Art of Burlesque and Stagecraft.

From these legendary shows was also born the hot swing/jive Big Band of world class jazz musicians called Stella Starr & The Allstars (formerly known as The Dimestore Jive Revue - see below)...

Stella Starr is now directing her new company - Theatre of Fur TM - creating a new kind of Surrealist inspired 'Cinematic Dance Theatre'. This will present a broad spectrum of theatre and dance projects devised and directed or co-directed by Stella - in which she may sometimes also make guest appearances. The work is a mix of theatre and site specific pieces with mixed media, sound and installation in collaboration with a variety of performers, artists and companies.

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