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" Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others " - Groucho Marx

Stella Starr


Vavavavoom Burlesque Showgirl Beaded Bikini sequins feathers

Vavavavoom Burlesque Parisian Chair Dancers Therese La Tease Honey Moon

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Vavavavoom Burlesque Showgirl

MISSION STATEMENT for work past and future...

OUR AIM is to produce innovative and thought provoking work that's beautiful, surreal and often humorous.

OUR WORK is designed to inspire, cross boundaries, be socially inclusive and reach as wide an audience as possible.

OUR MISSION is to develop exciting collaborations with artists and newcomers, as well as mentoring and teaching wherever possible.

WE CREATE work to be performed in a wide variety of venues and site specific areas.

About us:

Stella Starr Bob E Gold The Dimestore Jive RevueRIP Vavavavoom! 1997 - 2012. You were a blast but it's time to move on...

This is an exciting time for us as we are currently developing some ambitious new Dance Theatre shows, which will take us in a different direction from our cabaret background. See Theatre of Fur

The original idea for VAVAVAVOOM! was something I had in mind many years ago when I ran a cabaret night at the Zap Club in Brighton U.K. called Andy Walker’s Fame Frame (with Andy Walker) which developed into The Billy Silver Show, very popular with young and old alike. Here I had started trying out ideas for Burlesque routines, and enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do more!

I had always wanted to do something very elaborate, theatrical and glamorous, based on a combination of my love for The Golden Age of Hollywood movies + B-Movie trash + a desire to keep alive the art of Burlesque. So, after much research and careful planning, the VAVAVAVOOM! Burlesque Revue Show was born. What started as a lavish themed club night with cabaret show has now developed into a dance theatre company who also stage large scale carnival events, street theatre and walkabout characters.

Vavavavoom Burlesque Dance TroupeWe came a long way from modest beginnings in a small dive bar in Brighton in November 1997. Even then, we were turning people away in droves, and we never looked back! It was always important the public participated in our events - mainly by 'getting into character' according to the theme. Everyone is made welcome - regardless of age, race, sexual persuasion, or shape and size! Everyone is a star at VAVAVAVOOM!

We performed abroad in New Orleans, as part of the first ever Burlesque Festival called Tease-O-Rama 2001, which brought together the most amazing range of acts from across the USA. It was fantastic to meet so many talented performers, all part of a thriving ‘New Burlesque’ revival in the States! We were honoured to be the only performers to be invited from Europe, and are planning to perform again there, as well as other countries. We hope to make the idea of a touring show + various workshops into a regular part of what we do. Aside from this, we organised many other big events including a party at the Corn Exchange for Brighton Festival delegates and a Brighton Body Positive Masked Ball. In London we performed at many venues including Cafe de Paris, Soho Revue Bar, Madame Jojo's, Dali Universe, Oval House & Bush Hall. We also performed at the World Famous Spiegeltent during the 2004 + 2005 Brighton Festivals, and in London as part of the Exploding Cinema Festival.

We are still available for hire– the whole show or its various parts - for a wide variety of events and soirees! Yes – we do weddings, bar mitzvahs etc!

These events can be commissioned to suit any budget and are a chance to enter a glamorous fantasy world, and escape your everyday concerns for a few hours at least! We feature a great mix of background music, mainly from the 40's/50's/60's - Swing, Blues, Mambo Latino, Rock ‘n Roll, Trash Exotica - played by our in-house DJ's.

Past successes have been the Hawaiian Elvis, Voodoo Horror and Circus Freakshow nights and a Roman Orgy! We always go to town on decor and costumes to help create a very special party atmosphere.

Vavavavoom Big Band The Dimestore Jive RevueFor events bookings, we have the Burlesque Cabaret, hosted by one of our fabulous character MC's, with a set by our super-suave house big band Stella Starr & The Allstars. These are professional world class jazz musicians with our very own Sinatra style crooner + a young Elvis lookalike rockin’ singer + myself as 'chantoose', doing a range of classic standards from the period, to fit the theme. While the band play, there are choreographed Burlesque dance routines featuring women and men in amazing costumes! There are a vast array of themed acts on offer - details available on request. We also feature traditional music Hall/Vaudeville speciality acts eg. Magicians and the like. As part of the welcome committee at Vavavavoom, we have a Cigarette girl with a tray of cigars and novelties, Kitty Girl Waitresses, Gogo dancers and Showgirls in glitzy costumes and feather headdresses! Also a whole host of fabulous exotic walkabout characters...

Contact Stella Starr for quotes and more info on our various Corporate Packages + the vast array of themed entertainment on offer!: email here

Burlesque is a particularly fabulous form of theatrical behaviour that I have enjoyed reviving the appreciation for as well as inspiring others to join in! It represents a delightfully enticing and innocent approach to sexuality, which is rapidly being lost in these very knowing times. It’s about bringing back the naughtiness and fun of sex, while retaining the innocence. The thought and work that goes into creating these remarkable "tableaux vivantes" is immense and very rewarding. It’s also very important to me that all women - regardless of age, persuasion, size etc. - should feel glamorous, sexy and powerful. Burlesque has always seemed to me to be the perfect form of expressing this.

Stella Starr

"This was glamour beyond my wildest dreams!" – Vavavavoom customer

What the Press say about VAVAVAVOOM!:

Vavavavoom Burlesque Cigarette Girl Vavavavoom Burlesque Angel Fan Dancers

A vision of old style decadence. Glittering burlesque. Chanteuse and exotic dancer Stella Starr switches the glamour controls to maximum for a celebratory night. Kitty girls and cigarette girls are on hand to point you to the buffet or mop your brow after you have witnessed the dancing bear, white rabbit on stilts or any of the other glitter-clad cabaret acts.

- The Guardian Guide

Just when you thought clubbing had got too safe and cosy for it's own creative good, something new hits the scene to remind us how it's done.

- ID Magazine

Club renaissance staking a high heel through discoland.

- Loaded Magazine

Gazing longingly at the filmic innocence of the 1940's and 50's. Become a star for a night and wonder at the naughty nuns chorusline high-kicking their way through a kitsch wonderland.

- The Big Issue

They have classy strippers and cigarette girls, all that stuff - it's very glam!

- Vavavavoom regular, actor Joe McGann interviewed in New Woman Magazine

Posing is out - your average Vavavavoomer just wants to have fun, using any old excuse to dress up in a preposterous outfit and visit fantasy heaven.

- Sky Magazine

Stella Starr is nothing short of a local treasure. It is the likes of individuals such as her who keep Brighton on the map as a town of mischief, glamour and saucy fun. Stella is a woman with a mission, and whether it's emerging from a giant clam to do a strip or writhing around in King Kong's hand(!), she achieves what most people merely dream of; by bringing her fantasies alive, through the ever-growing and sensational Vavavavoom!

Look out for Vavavavoom's Les Girls who will be Moulin Rougeing it in a way that would make even young Ewan blush.

- New Insight Magazine

Vavavavoom is the club where Dean Martin meets Peter Pan, where Nancy Sinatra flirts with Eric Morecambe, where Andy Warhol and Elvis are caught in a Carry On movie. A knowing recreation of a bygone era which now seems so innocent and absurd, when there really were real men and real women, sending out these signals and playing this game with the utmost seriousness. Now we act out the same roles with a light peal of laughter, an exaggerated gesture, and no, that isn't a tear frozen on our cheeks; it's just the glitter catching the light.

- Article on the New Burlesque in The Brighton Reporter

c. Stella Starr, Vavavavoom! 2008