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This is the photo section of our past shows gallery. It will be updated regularly!


Mexican Fiesta!


MC Bob E. Gold as a Mexican Dictator!

Saucy Senorita's - arriba!

Frida Kahlo installation by Dominique!

  The Wonderful Undersea World of Vavavavoom!

Bob E. Gold looking the part as ever with Pirate Queen Stella Starr and Carina the Mermaid!

3 of our luscious Mermaids...

...& naughty Drunken Sailor Girls!

The Mermaids in action!

  Circus Freakshow!

Ring Mistress Stella Starr

Lovely Bearded Ladies!

Cute Cat Women!

The Great Magneto follows the Dancing Bear...


Stella Starr and Mark Stollar

Stella indulging in one of her favourite pastimes - Gorilla Wrestling!

The wonderful Three Legged Ballerina!


  Jungle Madness!

Voodoo master Roger Duncan & Stella Starr with pet Orangutan and snake!

Sugarpuss L'Amour is surprised by a gorilla whist taking 40 winks on the King Kong Hand!

...& Stella is right at home on the King Kong Hand!

Looking more like a scene from Bedrock - Stella & Kitty ChaCha backstage
with the boys

  Film Noir Night

The eternally suave Rory Cameron with Stella Starr

What is it with Stella and Italian men?!


Miguel & Salvatore in the magnificent Detective's office designed by Laurie Hilton-Ash



  James Bond Night

Stella Starr's Bond themed GoGo Striporama!

Stella singing with Mark Stollar

Stella singing with Jules Lawrence on sax...



...& giggling

Fezman Bob with Stella Starr & Lady Laverne in the back of the limo at the James Bond Night





Masked Ball


The fabulous White Rabbit on stilts!

The masked Dimestore Jive Revue big band

Stella singing 'Fever' whilst stripping


Stella Starr with Miss Divine Inspiration

Masked characters having a ball!




  17th C Fan Dance

  The Parisian Chair Dance

  The Nun's Chorus Line!


Fezman Bob E. Gold in his element

Fezman Bob E. Gold in the limo

Balloon Girls!


Showgirls at our Night of 1000 Elvis'!

The Elvis audience

Real life Cowboy brothers Lol and Cole looking the part as ever at our Wild West Show!


Stella Starr 3D striptease!

Wonderful band Crawl Limbo provided seductive backing to Stella's strip


What more could you ask for? A sexy nurse, divine showgirl & Madame Starr in 3D?!

The fabulous 'Tippi Hedren's' number
at the Hitchcock themed night

The Tippis Hedren's stripped!

  c. Stella Starr, Vavavavoom! 2008